Respect Responsibility Reward





A very smart man used to say that everyone could live a successful life in peace and harmony if each person lived by the three Rs.  Respect everyone and everything, including the beliefs and opinions of others.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Work hard, take care of your yourself, your family, your friends, and always help others in need.  The third R is the reward.  This comes in many forms in life.  If you live by the first two Rs, you will surely find out what the reward is.

Jack Lorick, Katie's maternal grandfather, graduate of Columbia, Harvard Business School MBA, US Marine Corp., WWII veteran, athlete, advertising executive, artist, avid golfer and most importantly family man, shared this idea with his children and grandchildren (and a few of his great grandchildren) before his passing in 2010.  For those who never had the good fortune to meet this wonderful man, we decided to continue his legacy. 

Bub Caps is a hat company for kids.  In a world with so many mixed messages, we wanted children to be reminded of the 3 Rs and hope that Jack's message stays alive.