Our Story

How did we come up with our idea?

The idea of a hat company with collectable patches came up in discussion about 6 years ago.    It wasn't until our family road trip up to the Sierras during the summer of 2017, that we decided we were going to start taking the steps and start a business.  We were inspired by the idea of tactical hats (generally worn by those men and women in service), a child's desire to collect things (and Chris's), and of course parents' desire for our kids to wear hats to protect them from the damaging rays of the sun.  These three ideas and interests lead to the birth of Bub Caps, a hat and patch company created in Thousand Oaks, California. 

Why "Bub Caps"?

We have called each other Bub (sometimes Bubba or Bubs) as a term of endearment for as long as we can remember.  It is our word for honey or sweetie and is probably used more often than our actual given names!

Caps just makes sense because we are selling hats.

Why a Shamrock logo?

The most important reason is that a shamrock is a young plant or young sprig.  Our audience is children so it makes perfect sense!  We also happen to be fond of the Irish, had three children when we created Bub Caps and love what the clover represents. Then lucky number four arrived!